​​Tour "Strandlooper"

Cape Town and surronding areas offer lots of oppertunties for amazing day trips.Why would you want to miss a chance to explore  this  beautiful city with an experience tour guide while riding in back of classic car? Our amazing guides are not only expeirienced guides but have  a love that 

runs deep for classic cars and cape town that shows through in thier tours. Why not let them drive you to well know spots and to some very off 

the beaten track beauties. The combination of classic car and amazing tour guide will surely be one of the main highlights of your trip.  


Tour "Winelands"

Tour "Surf lesson with  Hippiebus"

Tour "Winelands-Lunch" with Big-Jag

Tour "Strandlooper"

Tour "Winelands-Lunch with Helicopter & Jaguar"

Tour "Cape of Good Hope"


Tour"Mans Dreams"

"Tour de Shop"

Tours , Picnics & Transfers








Tour "Winelands"




Duration:                  8 hours approx

Number pax:            up to 4 max

Tour start:                 9.30

Please bring with:   Suncream, jacket/hoodie, drinks

                                   (Alcoholic beverages allowed)

Tour end:                  5 - 5.30 pm approx

Vehicle :                    VW Bus T2 WESTFALIA

You  will  begin your tour with the guide picking  you up from your hotel  in the kombi/bullie  and driving you to the best  fish barbacue place in 

South Africa. Approx 2 hours away from Cape Town  is barbacue place  like no other and you are sure not to forget very soon.This perfect spot is

directly next to the beach with beauitiful views of not only the ocean but as

well  Table Mountain.  Once you have settled in and ready to begin, your first course will commence. We also need to mention that you have choice of either going for  10 or 12 course meal  which include mussels, fish, crayfish,etc  straight  from the ocean.

The prepartion of this amazing feast is done between old boat racks and 

wooden steering wheels on an open grill.  All of the courses are prepared 

right in front of you, while you sip, chat and admire the beautiful surrondings. You welcome to also bring along your bathing suit, so between courses,  you can take a deep in the beautiful ocean. Please do take note that there is no electricity and everything is prepared outdoors ontop of

open flame making it a truly magical experience. Once you have eatten,

drunk and relaxed to your full satisfaction your guide  will drive you back to your  accmodation  ending the tour.   




First person:             R4500

Second person:        R990

Children under 12:  R690


(Zahlungsarten siehe Menüpunkt "Preisliste")

Duration:                  6 hours approx

Number pax:           up to 4 max

Tour start:                9 to 9.30am

Please bring with:   Suncream and towel

Tour end:                  3 pm approx

Vehicle:                     VW Bus T2 WESTFALIA

No its not the beach boys with hippie bullie picking  you up in front

of your hotel at 9.30 am ; it’s your guide, entertainer and surf teacher. 

Depending on your personal surf level and the wind condtions, we will 

bring you to the perfect beach with perfect wave. Not only will the drive in

the bullie towards the beach be an experience we sure that the following hours you spend with your surf teacher will be lots of fun to. As a beginner we will start the lesson with some dry exercise and work towards you lifting yourself up on the board, then the real fun begins. 


All this will surely make  you very hungry and thirsty, so on the  way  back we will drive in the bullie to a local  fish  resturant , where there is no dress  code , so sand  in your hair  and flip flops are allowed. The fish so fresh its as if its jumping straight out of the ocean onto your plate. If you have any special wishes for the surf tour we are open for suggestion  

and  happy to get some ideas to make it a day to remember. Around about 3.30pm we will head  be back to your accomodation.


Included in the cost is everything car, petrol, road and park fees, surf 

equipment (board and wetsuit) teacher and of course lunch (grilled fish)




First person:              R4990

Additonal person:    R890

Children:                    R890

(Please see payment methods under price list )

Duration:                  8 hours approx

Number pax:           up to 4 max

Tour start:                9 to 9.30am

Please bring with:   Suncream 

Tour end:                  5.30 pm approx

Vehicle:                     Your car of choice​


Explore the magnificent Cape Wine Region and choose from over 100 different wine estates with their own unique wines such as the Pinotage, Merlot, Chenin Blanc, etc
Depending on your preferred taste in wine we will visit 2 - 4 estates, you will have the option at an additional cost whether you would like to do little wine tasting. There is so much to see and explore such as the secret Morgenster wine estate with its famous white wines and olive oil. We could then move onto Vergelegen Vineyards, before we travel to South Africa's second oldest Town known as Stellenbosch. Here there are many national monuments and trendy shops to satisfy all tastes.
We would then move onto one of many great spots to have a picnic lunch at the estates such as Boschendal Wine Farm . To end of a great day will carry on to places such as Tokara Wine Estate and enjoy some more wine tasting and the amazing views. After a tasty and relaxed day we will be back at your accommodation by 5:30pm.


First person:                         R4800

Additonal person:               R870

Children (up to 12 years):  R600


(Please see payment methods under price list )


Duration:                    5 hours approx

Number pax:             up to 3 max

Tour start:                  10. 30 am

Please bring with:     Suncream

Tour end:                   3.30 pm approx

Vehicle :                      Jaguar 420G


​Our expericed guide will pick you up in the beauitul and majestic Jaguar 

420G and begin the tour with scenic drive through the winelands heading for Franshhoek. There you will visit the 1685 founded wine estate 

Boschendal where you will not only enjoy a beautiful tour  of  this  well know estate but also par take in a delciously prepared lunch  under the open sky. The estate offers you a chance to have a look at where the

ingridents are grown, as well as a  chance  for you to shop  at thier  local farm store full of products from the region.  Once you  are fully  and truly  statisfied with lunch and new found knowledge, your  the guide will  take you back to your hotel thus ending the tour. 




First person:  R4300

Second person: R850

Children: R600

(Zahlungsarten siehe Menüpunkt "Preisliste")

Duration:                 8 hours approx

Number pax:           up to 4 max

Tour start:                9.30

Please bring with:  Suncream

Tour end:                 5 - 5.30 pm approx

Vehicle :                   Your car of choice

The tour will begin with a scenic drive along the Atlantic coast passing through the fishing village of Hout Bay. We will embark on a short trip to Seal Island where you will view the Cape Flur seals (optional & for your own account). The tour will continue as we travel along the Chapman’s Peak Drive and enjoy the magnificent views, then onto Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve.
After a short hike to the old lighthouse and exploring flora and fauna we will enjoy a lunch at a nearby restaurant. After lunch we will travel to False Bay via Simon's Town naval base and visit the Penguin colony at Boulders Beach (Optional & for your own account, as well possibility to swim at the lagoon) We will continue to drive via Kalk Bay and Muizenberg to Constantia for a delicious wine tasting or Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden and do the "boomslang" Walkway. After great day of excitement we will end the day back at your accommdation 5.30pm

Price : 

First person:              R4500

Second person:        R990

Children under 12:   R690


(Please see payment methods under price list)

Duration: 8 hours approx

Number pax: up to 4 max

Tour start: 9.30

Please bring with: Suncream

Tour end: 5 - 5.30 pm approx

Vehicle : Your car of choice

The perfect day for every old timer lover, once the  guide picks you up with your car to visit the  real old timers  mecca in the heart of cape

 town.The berlin (Meilenwerk)  is the blue print for very similar project in down town cape town. From there you will go to a scrap yard, not just any scrap yard, a place  like this  doesn’t  excist any  where else  in south africa. Hundreds of old timers from all over the world have found

there last parking/resting place in this car heaven. Mostly American

classic cars from the 40, 50 and 60s  but don’t worry there are alot of 

german and italien cars from the 60s also to feast your eyes on.  It is a 

magnificent place of great wonder, once you’ve had a good look around you will leave the car heaven behind and make your way towards to the winelands / franshhoek.There you will visit one of the most exclusive car collections from 1900 up do date. The collections belongs to one of South Africa most wealthest individuals. Created on his estate is a stunning car collection open to the public to feast their eyes on and will 

leave any car lover very envious. Your last leg of the tour will be the 

famous franshhoek pass, where almost every car company/brand has

 shoot a tv commerical in there life time with a bit of luck you will find a 

film crew still hanging around.



First person:  R4500

Second person: R990

Children under 12: R690


(Please see payment methods under price list)



"Surfuntericht mit Hippiebus"
​​Tour "Männerträume"
​​Tour "Cape of Good Hope"
​​Tour "Winelands-Lunch"in Big-Jag
​​Winelands-Lunch mit Helikopter & Jaguar


Dauer:                          5 hours:

Number pax:               up to  4 max

​Tourstart:                      11.00

Please bring with:       Suncream               

Tour end:                      16.00 Uhr

Vehicle:                         Jaguar 420G

A really exclusive experience on viewing the Western Cape 

Our chauffeur will pick you up in our Jaguar 420G at your hotel and drive you to the Helicopter at the V & A  WAterfront. From there you fly with the helicopter above Table mountain, along the Atlantic coast towards the winelands. The helicopter will bring you to the wine estates either Boschendal, Tokara or Delaire Graff. Each estate has its own helipad where the helicopter will drop you. You will then enjoy a wonderful lunch and ending off with our chauffuer picking you up ( time to be discussed) and driving you through the winelands back to your hotel, ending off the beaufiul day.




First person                        R16200.00

second person:                  R2000.00 

Children under 12:            R2000.00


(Please see payment methods under price list)

​​Flughafen- Transfer
Cape Town International (CPT)



Duration:                    1.5 hours approx

Number pax:             up to 4 max

Tour start:                  depending on your arrival or departure time

Please bring with:     Your luggage

Tour end:                    Airport or accomodaiton destination

Vehicle :                      Car of  your choice


Let us make your first impression of cape town a good one,! one of our 

chauffers will pick you up from the airport dircetly after passing security and will drive you in your choice of classic vehicle to your accomidation. Of 

course you could make your last drive in south africa an unforgettable 

experience as well by letting one of our qualified drives pick you up from 

your accomodation and bring you to cape town airport in style.  



Cape Town Airport to Cape Town city: R2900

Cape Town City to CAape Town Airport: R2600


(Please see payment methods under price list)

​​"Tour de Shop"





 Duration: 8 hours approx

Number pax: up to 4 max

Tour start: 9.30

Please bring with: Sunglasses

Tour end: 4 - 4.30 pm approx

Vehicle : Your car of choice

Our chauffer will pick you up with your classic car of choice and you will 

head off to a day shopping in the mother city... your first stop will be

 Jasons and with either glass of bubbles or latte in hand, with your guide you will discuss the plan for the day. The Coffee shop jasons is definatly a place for one to be seen and to see those who are most certainly fashionable and inspirational . After this you will start your tour of South Africa most iconic fashion, jewlery and art world, The Shops and galleries

 you will visit are small, stylish and very particular in their own way. Alot

of the shops you will visit have piece that are created by the shop 

owner/desiger which allows you to interact and ask questions about the piece in more personal level. Some of the stores you will be visiting 

include The concept store Sam, the Chandlier house, Mememe, 

The Salon  91 and The Stable etc.. 


After this with guide you will head over to skinny legs for light mediterran lunch and then head off to woodstock which is well known for its 

extradonary art works and designers. At woodstock exchange (Old fabric building ) the fashion designers and creative elite have come together to create place that truly special making it an absalutle must on this tour to visit.  Once the boot is full and your feet are sore and you are ready to go through your days finds. Your guide will drive you back to the hotel, even if you didn’t buy anything, window shopping is still a great pass time on

 this tour. 



Please let us know, if there is any shop that you would Really like to visit while with us.


Price (breakfast and lunch included)


First person:  R4200

Second person: R890

Children under 12: R690


(Please see payment methods under price list)